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1986 Ferrari Testarossa

Sold for $166,875  on September 8, 2014

380 bhp, 4,943 cc Colombo flat 12-cylinder engine, five-speed manual gearbox, front and rear independent suspension with coil springs and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 2,550 mm

Finished in the highly desirable Rosso Metallizzato over Crema
Matching-numbers example
Just over 16,600 kilometres from new
Accompanied by a full set of books and tools

When creating the replacement for the 512 BBi, Ferrari decided to go an entirely different direction in terms of styling. The Testarossa was much more angular and aggressive than the cars that came before it, and it would take the world by storm upon its unveiling, not only for its incredible looks but also for its equally impressive performance. Whilst the Testarossa itself found its way into the garages of over 7,000 enthusiasts, it also earned a place of honour on many a child’s bedroom wall, becoming the poster-child for a generation.

Mechanically, the Testarossa was markedly improved over its already remarkable predecessor. Ferrari needed its new car to be bigger than its predecessor, so they redesigned it to address the issues of a lack of luggage space and uncomfortable cabin heat. The car’s overall width was increased by nearly half a foot, whilst the wheelbase grew by 2.5 inches over the 512 BBi. This gave the Testarossa a menacing stance on the road whilst also simultaneously providing more space for its occupants inside.

Ferrari’s flat 12-cylinder engine was redesigned to allow for four valves per cylinder, which lead to increased horsepower and breathability over the engine in the 512 BBi. The addition of a new clutch helped to manage power at the rear wheels. It goes without saying that the Testarossa’s performance was incredible for the late 1980s, and it still remains respectable by modern standards. Accelerating from 0–60 mph took just over five seconds, and the Testarossa could easily keep accelerating to a top speed of just under 180 mph.