I've created what I call a watch list  These are vehicles that I feel have not reached their full potential in the classic car market.  Of course each one was chosen for their uniqueness in terms what I think still offer very much cool car for the money.  Hopefully they will all have some better than average appreciation in the long term.

The first vehicle that I really like and has been rising in price is the Mercedes Benz 280 GD short wheel base version.  This vehicle  was actually built by Steyr-Diamler-Puch in Austria for Mercedes Benz starting in 1980.  It's original design was that of a military jeep like vehicle.  It won a victory in the 1983 Paris-Dakar Rally. For years these were not very well noticed.  Look for he short wheel base (SWB) 280 GE.  From what I know these were never imported by Mercedes to the US.  However since most are over 25 years old or diesel powered they have been brought in from Europe legally. My reason for putting them on this list is simple. The current MBZ G-wagons sold in the U.S. are extremely expensive in the $120,000+ range and are popular amongst top paid professional athletes and movie stars.  This  fact has in my opinion made the older cooler ones just that much more attractive.  These older ones have been known to have rust issues near the rear tail lights and doors.  Make sure this has  been repaired.  One should be able to find a nice restored example in the mid teens. Yes they are hard to find, but make great long term investments.

My second vehicle of interest is the mid 1970's to mid 1980's Ferrari 308 GTB (and various versions).  Some people call this the everyman's Ferrari (or the Magnum P.I. Ferrari from the hit TV show in the 80's).  A very nice pristine one could be had for under $40,000 or even less. These are mid-engine cars and handle well.  Their prices have remained the same for several years now depending on condition. If a 308 GTB does not have deferred maintenance issues this may be a very good buy right now.   Like any Ferrari they are expensive for routine maintenance.  However if one can find a very nice one that is well documented with low miles and no  deferred maintenance I would think it would be a much better than average for long term investment.

Going down the list I find the Porsche 928 worth a serious look.  These were terribly expensive cars when new from 1978 to 1995 even costing much more than the legendary  911 when new.  However their re-sale prices have lagged greatly behind the 911's.  Yes these cars can be expensive to repair if they have serious deferred maintenance issues.  But it seems most have now been sorted out because many of the current owners of these 928's are serious car people.  From what I have seen recently the most powerful of these later model 928's are starting to see some real appreciation.  The older ones in good shape should follow with better than average appreciation.

Other cars I think will appreciate better than average include the 1954 Chevy Bel-Air convertible along with the 1986 Chevy Corvette convertible. I think the appreciation of the 1955-57 Chevy convertibles have seriously been through the roof now getting into that $100,000+ range making this pre mid-fifties Eisenhower era Harley Earl design something to cherish.  The reason for the 1986 Corvette convertible choice is simple.  It's simply the most attractive of all of the C4 Corvette designs, period. And it was the Pace Car of the 1986 Indy 500. Also they are selling at bargain prices right now.

Further cars worth taking look at for future better than average long term appreciation should include the following for sure:  The BMW 2002 which were brought into the United States from 1966 to 1975.  The Porsche 914 which was brought into the US from 1970 to 1976.  These originally inexpensive German classics were a bargain at re-sale up until now. Try finding these in first class restored condition.  They should see some good appreciation in the future because people are starting to really notice and admire their looks.

For the last three of my top ten I must include some Japanese vehicles. The first one being a restored Datsun 240 Z for obvious reasons. And lastly I think we need to look at two very cool early Japanese 4x4 SUV's from the mid 1980's.  These would include the Toyota FJ 70 SWB and the Mitsubishi Montero or Pajero SWB. 
These are excellent off road vehicles and are developing a strong cult following and would be worthy of any collector status.  

Just for the very big money investor I have come up with a
Top-Ten Super Cars with the Most Investment Potential list.  Most of these cars require some serious money investment.  However there are a few that are not so outrageous in acquisition cost.  Here are the
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