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1962 Porsche 356 B Super 90 Cabriolet 

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The Super 90ís Type 616/7 engine was a very strong unit, as it offered 90 brake horsepower at 5,500 rpm with the aid of 9.0:1 compression and a pair of 40-millimetre Solex carburettors. A reviewer of the day wrote that ďSuper 90s could be revved about 800 rpm higher than other 356 B 1600s thanks to a special cooling layout that gathered in more air, plus a nitrided crank and cam-bearing surfaces, a lighter flywheel, stiffer valve springs, light-alloy rockers, larger-diameter (by five millimetres) main bearings, and cylinders lined with Ferral, a coating of steel over molybdenum. S90s also had a unique oil pickup system that allowed the engine to draw lubricant from the sumpís full side in hard cornering, thus ensuring proper lubrication at all times. It was an important advance that Porsche racers had wanted for several years and was especially welcome in the high-performance 90Ē.

90 bhp, 1,582 cc air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with dual Solex carburettors, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with torsion bars, trailing arms, and tubular dampers, independent rear suspension with torsion bars, trailing arms, and tubular dampers, and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,100 mm

This very attractive Super 90 Cabriolet was produced in August 1961, when the revised T6 body was introduced. In total, only 21 right-hand-drive examples were produced and delivered worldwide. The file of documents supplied with this car show that its former long-term owner of 20 years replaced its original engine in 2001 with a rebuilt and correct-specification unit. The carís brakes were also overhauled, and it received a new clutch at that time.