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Carmel, California

August 14, 2014

1969 Ferrari Dino 206 GTB   

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Sold For: $572,000

By the end of 1969 around 150 had been built, all with aluminium bodies, and all left-hand drive. The Dino 206 GT carried no Ferrari brand name with 'Dino' being energetically promoted as a miniaturized Ferrari creation upon a new level. The 206 GT series also featured even-numbered chassis serials, whereas previous road production Ferraris had always with very few exceptions been odd-numbered, racers even-numbered.

The Dino 206 GT engine was a 65-degree V6 unit with twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, bore and stroke 86mm x 57mm displacing 1987cc. This engine actually represented a third-generation of Ferrari Dino V6 units, as developed under the direction of Maranello's famed engine specialist Ing. Franco Rocchi. With three Weber 40DCF carburettors, the transverse-engined beauties offered 180bhp at a nerve-tingling 8,000rpm. Kerb weight was a performance-enhancing 2,300lbs.

This well-preserved example of the rare, early Dino 206 GT Coupe has been exhibited for many years in the late-Fabrizio Violati's Collezione Maranello Rosso's developing museum, based initially within the tiny 'Most Serene Republic' of San Marino, the enclaved micro-state within east-central Italy, and later in his purpose-built facility at Falcione.

Up until a few years ago the Dino was a step child of Ferrari and prices were in the less than $50,000.  In the last few years their prices have exploded making them one of the best long term investments in modern history.