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Carmel, California

August 14, 2014

1968-69 Ferrari Dino 166 Formula 2/246 Tasman   

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Sold For: $1,210,000

The car was an immediate sensation, a gorgeous scaled-down version of Ferrari's always admired Formula 1 monoposti, most particularly of the 'Aero' monocoque 1-litre designs of 1964-65, with its latest 65-degree V6 engine slung in a tubular sub-frame at the rear. The engine had bore and stroke dimensions of 86mm x 45.8mm, displacing 1596.3cc. One-piece cam covers with cast-on 'Dino' lettering derived from the hand-written signature of Mr Ferrari's late only legitimate son, Alfredo (Alfredino 'Dino') housed twin chain-driven overhead camshafts to each cylinder bank.

This Formula 2 Ferrari Dino 166 made its delayed racing debut on July 9 that year, when British driver Jonathan Williams made his single-seater Ferrari debut at the French circuit of Rouen-les-Essarts. The F2 Ferrari Dino clearly handled and braked well, but proved under-powered against 4-cylinder British opposition, engined by Cosworth-Ford. Although the car would then often be seen testing at Modena later that year, it did not race again until a 4-valve per cylinder V6 engine had been developed for it.

     1969 Championship title-winning car driven by Ferrari's No 1
     1970 Championship title-winning car driven by Graeme Lawrence
     The car Brian Redman drove on his works Ferrari debut
     Described as "the sexiest single-seater Ferrari ever built..."
     Dual-purpose 1.6-litre Formula 2/2.4-litre Tasman Formula design
     Ex-Pierre Bardinon Collection
     Preserved for the past 34 years in the Collezione Maranello Rosso