Greatest Muscle Cars of the Sixties

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS396

Estimated Value $45,000 -$55,000

Buying a 1966 or 1967 SS 396 Chevelle today is not difficult, as they've never been in short supply: 72,272 SS 396s were built in 1966 and 63,000 were built in 1967. Of course, some of the more desirable performance drivetrain combinations and options are rare and will drive the price of a car up. Chevelle SS 396s are perennially in demand, so you won't find them at fire-sale prices. But this isn't news to anyone who has shopped second-generation Chevelles for the last 30 years--they've always commanded prices on par with rarer muscle cars.

In addition to the two-year-only styling, Chevelle SS 396s are popular because they are comfortable to drive and drag race. With the exception of the stock brakes, the Chevelle's road manners are surprisingly modern. While wheel hop can be an issue at the drag strip when in factory trim, Chevelles can be made to launch smoothly with the help of aftermarket traction aids.