Mercedes Benz G-Wagon 4x4 Update

Latest Trends and Auctions on the MBZ Geländewagen

Anticipated Price $218,000 for delivery in  November 2015

The flagship model of the Geländewagen range, the G65 is based on Benz's immortal SUV that's been produced in Graz, Austria, since 1979 and (officially) arrived in the US in 2002. But while the G-Class has been offered in a number of specifications even here in America – up to and including the eight-cylinder G63 AMG – the top-of-the-line G65 was kept away from these shores. But now the German automaker has announced it's bringing its ultimate sport-ute to American showrooms.

Powered by a V12 bi-turbo engine, the G65 AMG delivers 621 hp and 738 lb-ft. of torque, with an estimated 0-60 mph acceleration in 5.3 seconds. The G-Class is the only off-road vehicle in its class to combine the electronic traction system 4ETS with a transfer case and three 100% differential locks.

2016 Mercedes Benz G-65 AMG (G-Wagon)