"The Princess Ferrari"
former property of Princes Soraya of Iran

Gooding & Company
Pebble Beach, California
 August 15-16, 2015

1957 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Series II Coupe
Sold for $5,087,500

Princess Soraya was glamorous, rich, and famous. She was perhaps best known for her penetrating eyes, but less well known was her passion for speed. She was a highly accomplished skier and, after she and her husband were exiled to Italy in 1954, developed a love for Ferraris, the most powerful and exclusive automobiles of the day.

According to a Forza article in June 2003, the shah and the princess had visited the Ferrari factory to have their coach built 410 custom-fit to their specifications. The work included the fitment of a unique two-position driving setup: one for a taller driver, the shah, and a custom-made cushion that would allow the princess to drive the powerful car with command and comfort. Interestingly, the dual-driving setup remains with 0717 SA, which has since become known as “The Princess’ Ferrari.”

Although the marriage of the shah and the princess ended in divorce, the 410 Superamerica remained with her as she began her new life as an actress. Maintained by the Ferrari factory through March 1965, by which time the Ferrari had covered just 5,172 km, 0717 SA was registered on Iranian license plates ‘‘IR 10988.’’

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