The Best of Amelia Island 2015


Sold for $429,000 on March 14, 2015

110 bhp, 298.6 cu. in. SOHC inline
eight-cylinder engine, three-speed manual
transmission, solid front axle and live rear
axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and
four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.
Wheelbase: 131 in.

One of the most important Stutzes extant
A genuine, authentic Black Hawk Speedster
Formerly owned by William Harrah and Sam Vaughan
Well documented and respected by enthusiasts
The fastest American-built production car of 1927

1927 Stutz Vertical Eight Custom Black Hawk
The 1927 Black Hawk Speedster was the modern successor to the legendary Stutz Bearcat of the Brass Era, and it was the first “boattail” speedster to be produced by a major American manufacturer. With its powerful straight-eight engine, which was fed by dual Zenith carburetors, and a strong chassis with underslung worm drive and lightweight Robbins bodywork, it was able to capture the Stevens Trophy Cup at Indianapolis, as well as the AAA Stock Car Championship. It was, simply put, America’s fastest production car, but with power and sensual style to spare.

Documented, original, and properly restored examples of the Black Hawk Speedster are few and far between, and they are seldom ever available for sale.